• “Berkualitas dan Berakhlak Mulia bagi Masyarakat”

Our Vision is to cultivate a high quality and multi-disciplinary
global approach to education. Through the fulfilment of our vision, we are striving to create superior educational and life skills training opportunities as a response to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).



  • Melaksanakan pendidikan holistik untuk menyiapkan orang menjadi berkah bagi masyarakat.
  • Melaksanakan Kemitraan Strategis.

Our Mission is to provide holistic education that not only provides transfer of knowledge and skills, but also equips learners with the attitudes and perspectives necessary to empower and transform their local communities in positive ways. IEP seeks to utilise strategic partnerships with other education institutions as well as with local communities in order to fulfil its mission.